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Added on Jul 24th, 2017

Capitalist Assets Waiting
1%-5% Daily Profit

Added on Jul 20th, 2017

Pay Invest Paying
0.9%-20% Hourly Profit

Added on Jul 15th, 2017

Trusted Biz Paying
192% After 5 Days, or 2.5%-3.5% Daily Profit

Added on Jul 11th, 2017

BitOyster Paying
10% - 18% Daily

Top 10 Monitored

Safety Depositar.. 284 days
Bandeira Constru.. 284 days
City Build Trade 246 days
Hourly Usd 199 days
Uncharted Wealth 163 days
HourPay 120 days
Midollar 112 days
Hour 888 109 days 31 days
Diversificator.O.. 22 days

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United States City Build Trade  Program Details     Add Vote     Report SCAM

Rank : 1 City Build Trade screenshot
Investment: $100.00

Paying HYIP

Payout Ratio: 104%
Monitored Days: 246
Added: Nov 20th, 2016

DDOS Protected Web HostingPremium Listing

Minimum Deposit: $1
Max Deposit: $500000
Referral: 10%
102% After 7 Days



Last Paid:

PerfectMoney Payeer

United States Hourly Usd  Program Details     Add Vote     Report SCAM

Rank : 2 Hourly Usd screenshot
Investment: $100.00

Paying HYIP

Payout Ratio: 61%
Monitored Days: 199
Added: Jan 6th, 2017

Premium Listing

Minimum Deposit: $5
Max Deposit: $500000
Referral: 10%
1.08% - 25% Hourly



Last Paid:

PerfectMoney BitCoin Payeer

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